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Sunday, 23 June 2013

The stolen branch

THE STOLEN BRANCH (La Rama Robada) – Pablo Neruda 

We shall go into the night 
to steal 
a flowering branch. 

We shall climb over the wall 
in the darkness of someone’s garden, 
two shadows in the shadow. 

Winter is still not past 
and the apple tree appears 
suddenly transformed into 
a cascade of perfumed stars. 

We shall go into the night 
right up to its trembling firmament, 
and your little hands and mine 
will steal the stars. 

And then secretly, 
in our home, 
in the night and the dark, 
there will enter with your steps 
the silent tread of your perfume, 
and with starry feet 
the shining body of Spring. 

(trans. Brian Cole)

Not apple blossoms, perhaps, but these are lovely, too 

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