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Thursday, 14 November 2013

A shared love of reading ❤

Last week I encountered this couple waiting for their flight back to France. They looked absolutely adorable, so I had to capture them as best as I could. They were both reading fiction, I believe. Too cute, right?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The hundred-year-old man who...

...climbed out of the window and disappeared

By Jonas Jonasson

This book is originally written in Swedish. It is a quirky story about a man who does not want to celebrate his one hundreth birthday with a bunch of oldies and nurses on his nursing home, so he decides to carefully climb out the window into the flower beds - in his slippers, of course - and walk away from the whole celebration.

Now, this is the start of a story so complex and funny you have most likely never seen anything like it. Have you ever wondered what a person can achieve if said person lives to be a hundred years old, by any chance? A century, that is? Well, this guy has done it all...and more. He has played a part in a rather large number of scientific discoveries and historical events during his time. The result is a life so remarkable it is hard to even know where to begin telling about it. If I may, I will simply suggest you sit down with a couple of free hours and a cuppa or two and read it for yourself. Find the hidden geek in you - and enjoy the story!

Here is a teaser from the book:

"The problem now was that Allan, Julius, Benny and The Beauty had one thing in common: an almost total absence of relatives and friends. How were they going to find someone who would shelter a yellow bus with four people, a dog and an elephant?"
from p. 152

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