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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Old glass and curios

A mirror is a strange thing. Somehow this picture is showing my living room, and somehow it is not. All the elements are there, true, but the mirror makes the end result so striking I got completely baffled after taking the picture! I am finding it very hard to believe my living room could ever look this good.

I do love the old glass I have inherited or found in antique shops and my curio collection, though. This might be just a small part of everything I have collected, but at last I have found a way of displaying them. Happy days. An added bonus is I have better space in my library now, too!

Old glass and curios 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

"A year of doing good" by Judith O'Reilly

...each one a small miracle...

365 good deeds. Can you even imagine it? It sounds so easy, just doing one good deed a day for a year, but after reading of O'Reilly's attempt (and success), I am in more doubt. Perhaps the odd good deed, without the pressure involved, is more suited for me. Or perhaps I am a chicken for not giving it a proper try. The world could very much need more people doing good - however small the act of kindness is. Even picking up litter on the ground can save a life - and that makes all the difference.

"A year of doing good" by Judith O'Reilly

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Reading together

Some mornings you just want to keep in a bubble. You do not want the world to move on and out of that little piece of heaven you have managed to create. And for a while...that might actually work.

Tea, coffee, breakfast, books and company 

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