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Monday, 28 January 2013

A Black Jewels teaser

I am out at work, and have started reading "The Black Jewels Trilogy" by Anne Bishop when I have some spare time. At the moment I am reading so fast I do not even stop to find teasers for you guys! I have completely forgotten it as I have been so into the story. I am really impressed so far. The story is complicated enough for me to almost struggle to keep track of all the places and characters, yet so interesting and exciting I have a hard time putting it down! I am growing ever more fond of the characters as I turn one page after another, and even the language is great. I am in for a real treat with this one, I think.

A teaser for you:
   "Wonderful," Cassandra said sarcastically. "So she can't move furniture around a room, but she can destroy an entire continent." 
   "She'll never do that. It's not in her temperament." 
   "How can you be sure? How will you control her?" 
   They were back to that. 
   He took his cape back and settled it over his shoulders. "I'm not going to control her, Cassandra. She's Witch. No male has the right to control Witch." 
   Cassandra studied him. "Then what are you going to do?" 
   Saetan picked up his cane. "Love her. That will have to be enough." 
"Black Jewels" and my treasured thermos which was a surprise gift from my boyfriend 

I had planned to leave this book (due to its size) at work until I get back out here in two weeks, but now I am not so sure I will be able to abandon it for so long...

More teasers:
Flukten fra virkeligheten
Should Be Reading

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Name of the Wind

This is one of the books I keep safely tucked away on one of my library shelves for now. I cannot wait to read it, but have decided to wait until the Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy is complete. Sometimes I regret that decision as it seems quite intriguing...!

"The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss

Friday, 18 January 2013

A rather piquant picture...

Sometimes a book is only used as props...

Picture taken by
Carlos Nunez

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Shelves - made of books

This picture was ever so cute - what a good idea to use beautiful books like this!

As I cannot bear to see books destroyed I do not have the heart to firmly attatch them, either - so this way of "trapping" them on the wall is great! You could even change them out after a while if you wanted to. Quite clever!

Picture from Real Simple
What do you think? Would you consider doing this in your home?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What if...? A teaser

So, I have been quite quiet on the teaser front lately, due to Christmas and all. With family visiting and lots of activities going on, this Christmas turned out too busy to find enough time for reading. Imagine that!

Today I am sharing with you a teaser from a book I really do not know what to think about. The book itself is starting to look rather dishevelled due to a lot of travelling about from place to place. I still have not finished reading it... You wonder why? Well, this is a different sort of book. It does not start with the beginning and end with the end, as normal books mostly do. Instead, it starts off with a chapter - and in the end of that chapter you get a choice:

"If you decide to go to college, go to section 2 (page 4).
If you decide to travel, go to section 3 (page 5)."

Now what, do you think? Well, this is the point of the book. It is called Pretty Little Mistakes and has 1 beginning - and 150 endings! At every chapter you get a new choice - choose this, or choose that? And then you read accordingly to your choice. If you were to make the wrong choice, you can therefore go back and choose differently - and so hopefully get to a better ending.

Does this sound fun? I thought so. I really did.

However, it now seems like a book I will never get to the ending of - there are just too many of them! I am also not happy with the language and the context of several of the stories - they have a rather too dark and sad touch for my taste. It is not a happy book. On the bright side, though, the story itself will change all the time if you make a different choice.  If you start reading you are in danger of getting hooked, as you keep wondering what if...?
"You sneak up his driveway and spray-paint his entire bike with a can of hot-pink flocking. The tacky, cotton-candy stuff they use to make Christmas trees look like they have coloured snow on the branches. When you're done his bike looks like a big, hot-pink fuzzy stuffed animal. He's going to shit. You can hardly keep from laughing the whole way home."
Pretty Little Mistakes, p. 92

"Pretty Little Mistakes" by  Heather McElhatton

More teasers:

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Enter mythical land!

When I saw this picture of the artwork of the German artist Heike Weber I totally fell in love with it. I want to see and stand in this very room! It reminds me of a mountain landscape, where trolls and other fantastic creatures roam freely hidden behind the hills and you could walk for days in any direction of your desire. Look at the beautiful bridges and shapes of the hills - imagine what a view you would have if you were to stand on top of one of them. Truly mesmerizing.

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