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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dreams made flesh - a Sunday teaser

After reading The Black Jewels trilogy I kind of felt that the ending left me wanting for more. I wondered about those small stories only hintet at during those books, and I especially wanted a proper ending. Now, I cannot tell you anything about this ending in case I might spoil it for you, but let us just say that I found it interesting and exciting enough to go hunting for the sequel I knew was out there real quick.

Dreams made flesh consists of four stories from the Black Jewels universe. Two precede the trilogy itself, one takes place in the middle of it and one continues where the trilogy ended. Today's teaser is a story that takes place after the events in the second book, Heir to the shadows. It is the story of how Lucivar came to have a wife. Considering his temper, this says a lot about the woman in question..

"Your offer to teach her was a kind gesture," Lucivar said. "But, Marian? This is a witch who, when she was sixteen, blew up the kitchen at the Hall because she confused the spell she was putting together with the casserole she and her friend Karla were making and put the wrong mixture in the oven. Think about that for a minute. Casserole. Spell. They couldn't tell the difference by looking at what was in the dishes." 
"She blew up the kitchen?" 
"Destroyed it. Right down to the last wooden spoon."
The Prince of Ebon Rih, Dreams made flesh, p. 152

Dreams made flesh by Anne Bishop

PS: There are a few more sequels than just this one, and I intend to read them all at one point. This universe keeps fascinating me - and who does not want to read stories featuring kindred wolves and unicorns and all the other things that exist in a world where magic is in your blood? Where temper and passion run equally high and violence is a part of you? The stories range from the very darkest to moments of utter joy - and all the friendship and family you can wish for.

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  1. The idea of short stories and novellas as part of a bigger fictional universe is really taking off with a writer's ability to publish them as ebooks and not depend on a publisher or magazine to pick them up. It's really fun and exciting to see the universes we enjoy keep expanding.

    1. Yes, very much so. I, for one, love to read more about the amazing universes out there that I have come to care about. Ebooks certainly makes that a lot easier, though I still prefer the "real" books if they are available. There is not much that exceeds the pleasure of finding a new author or book to bring home!

  2. haha, that's cute. I like that! And I've heard good things about this author. Glad to hear you enjoyed these. :) Thank you for sharing a bit.

    1. I know, right? I really liked that story - it made me laugh. Let me know how you like them if you ever give the books a try. And thank you for stopping by :)


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