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Friday, 23 November 2012

Egypt = no books!

Whenever we travel somewhere I go pottering about until I find a book store. That is a part of the fun - to see which particular books they sell in that particular place. I love buying books as souvenirs. Often you can find a local book or a book you have never seen before!

In Sharm el Sheik this did not work out, though. I tried so hard to find a book store - but to no avail. No one knew of one. The closest thing I could find was the library in the hotel we stayed at. Which was not much to talk about, to be honest. A couple of left-behind books on a shelf only.

The result is that I have come home without any more books in my suitcase than when I left. For once. I do believe that is a new record for me! Fingers crossed our next journey will bring better luck bookwise. Although I must say I did have a happy boyfriend who got off the usual spending-time-in-book stores-hook... I am pretty sure he did not mind one bit...*laughing*

At the hotel...

At the beach...

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