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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Waiting for Christmas

It is December again ♥ 

I love this time of the year! Snow outside, hot chocolate and a happy log fire in the fireplace. Family spending time together.

We made gingerbread the other day at my grandma's place. It is a long time since someone did that. She was so happy and loved the smell of freshly baked gingerbread with icing on. I even wrote 'grandma' on one of them! Or, rather, the norwegian equivalent: Mormor. She laughed good at that.
1st of December I was supposed to light the advent star in our home. Instead I had to go to work (quite the annoyance, I know). I cannot wait till I get back home so I can start decorating the house for Christmas! This year my family is coming down for Christmas, so I will even have a Christmas tree to decorate! Hooray! This will be our second Christmas tree ever (no point in having a tree if one does not celebrate Christmas at home, right?). Sitting in the living room late at night with only the lights on the Christmas tree lit is wonderful. We have little coloured lights on our tree, so they really give the room a warm and enchanted atmosphere.

This Christmas will also be a little sad... There will be no cats running around beneath the tree - we have lost them all the last two years. I am still struggling to find my footing again. They do get under our skin, our pets - do they not? I am still expecting to see them at the door, wanting to get inside. Sometimes I round a corner and think I see them at their favourite places, only to be bitterly disappointed. They were my precious babies 

My boyfriend has also lost a grandma this year. She is greatly missed. She was such a positive, wise and kind person, and we were always looking forward to seeing her the next time we were visiting back home. The world is not quite the same without her.

Even though Christmas is a time for rememberance, Christmas will still be Christmas. My family will stay for about a week, and during those days we will bake some more cookies, decorate a little more, wrap the last presents and put them under the tree (I wonder if there will be many books there this year?), have Christmas dinners, both at our place and at my grandma's, go to the cinema to watch The Hobbit (I am so excited!) and in general enjoy the time together. I am sure there will be quite a few late nights, too. I am hoping the snow will keep on falling the entire of December. It is so pretty outside when it is all white and sparkly! I love snow - the crisp feel to the air, the ice crystals and the softness of the landscape. A winter wonderland, for sure! 

The first snow gives a hint of what is soon to come.

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