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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What if...? A teaser

So, I have been quite quiet on the teaser front lately, due to Christmas and all. With family visiting and lots of activities going on, this Christmas turned out too busy to find enough time for reading. Imagine that!

Today I am sharing with you a teaser from a book I really do not know what to think about. The book itself is starting to look rather dishevelled due to a lot of travelling about from place to place. I still have not finished reading it... You wonder why? Well, this is a different sort of book. It does not start with the beginning and end with the end, as normal books mostly do. Instead, it starts off with a chapter - and in the end of that chapter you get a choice:

"If you decide to go to college, go to section 2 (page 4).
If you decide to travel, go to section 3 (page 5)."

Now what, do you think? Well, this is the point of the book. It is called Pretty Little Mistakes and has 1 beginning - and 150 endings! At every chapter you get a new choice - choose this, or choose that? And then you read accordingly to your choice. If you were to make the wrong choice, you can therefore go back and choose differently - and so hopefully get to a better ending.

Does this sound fun? I thought so. I really did.

However, it now seems like a book I will never get to the ending of - there are just too many of them! I am also not happy with the language and the context of several of the stories - they have a rather too dark and sad touch for my taste. It is not a happy book. On the bright side, though, the story itself will change all the time if you make a different choice.  If you start reading you are in danger of getting hooked, as you keep wondering what if...?
"You sneak up his driveway and spray-paint his entire bike with a can of hot-pink flocking. The tacky, cotton-candy stuff they use to make Christmas trees look like they have coloured snow on the branches. When you're done his bike looks like a big, hot-pink fuzzy stuffed animal. He's going to shit. You can hardly keep from laughing the whole way home."
Pretty Little Mistakes, p. 92

"Pretty Little Mistakes" by  Heather McElhatton

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