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Monday, 13 May 2013

Teaser time!

"I'll keep you safe," he said, stepping forward to sweep a lock of hair back from her face. "Or die trying."
Wild, p. 34
"Wild" by Aprilynne Pike

All four books of the series.

This book is the third in a series of four by Aprilynne Pike. I just ordered number four today, curious to see where the story ends. 

I cannot say I loved the books (although I do love the cover art!), but they were cute. I enjoyed the idea of a faerie living a human life with all the possible problems you can imagine. 

This is definitely a YA series - you know; high school, boy trouble, secrets, exams etc, only with a faerie twist to it. One such twist is trolls with guns of the kind which crashes the most important dance of the year. Why, of course! Who has not seen or heard of trolls with guns, right?! 

Now, I did quite like the whole faerie concept. I could truly imagine the fae world Pike was describing. It did sound amazing and magical and I would love to read more about it. And the whole flower thing? I would have given so much to be able to see that!

I will give you one more teaser tonight before I hit the sack, just to give you a touch of humour on the go.

He headed towards the front door and Laurel watched him for a few seconds before reality crept back in. "Tamani, stop!" she said, leaping off her stool and sprinting to the entryway. "Do not go out of my front door with no shirt on. I have very nosy neighbours."
Wild, pp. 35-36

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  1. Jeg har lenge vært nysgjerrig på Pikes serie, men det har liksom blitt med det. Siden du nå har bestilt bok #4 må den jo være underholdende nok tenker jeg :) Tusen takk for begge smakebitene, Caz.

    1. Jeg syntes de var så fine at jeg bare måtte prøve de - og så klart må jeg ha med meg slutten! Gleder meg til den kommer i posten. Hjertelig værsågod, Mari :)

  2. Fine smakebiter.. Må innrømme eg ikkje fikk lest lengere end til bok 1.. Men har fortsettelsen.. Og planer om og lese de en dag..

    Bøkene er veldig lettlest skrevet syns jeg.. Som gjør at man flyter igjennom de :)
    Og de coverne.. Elsker de :D

    1. Hehe, de er meget lettleste - og jeg leste vel de tre første bøkene på ca like mange dager. Er meget spent på slutten!

      Jepp, de coverne...de er bare så nydelige :)


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