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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Book haul Newcastle

I found this little secondhand bookstore in North Shields, England, where they had a magnificent copy of Alice in Wonderland that I just had to have. I also found Peter Pan and Wendy and The Borrowers there. I got Uncle Remus from a seller when we visited a market in Tynemouth - he hated to see that one go. I did well, I think - and my new treasures fit nicely into my collection!

My latest additions!

A drawing of Alice by Arthur Rackham

A signed copy of Uncle Remus

A close-up from Uncle Remus


  1. Some treasures you got a hold of there, Caz! Enjoy :)

    By the way I couldn't fin you on the site bokblogger.no so I have added you to the category "Nordmenn som blogger på engelsk". I hope that is ok, your new posts will be pushed out on Twitter and some might be shared on Facebook as well.

    1. Indeed! I absolutely love them :)

      Oh wow, thanks! I did not know about that category. That was most kind of you, Mari - and very exciting! x


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