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Monday, 19 August 2013

Mr Toppit

I found this book interesting when I saw it in the store. The cover caught my eye, and the sentence on the front saying "Once upon a time a book broke a family" really got me curious. What was this book that broke a family? And how can a book break a family in the first place? Questions needed answers, so I brought it with me home.

Now, I have to say that it has taken me a small forever to read this book. Somehow it did not draw me in as well as I expected, although I quite like the writing and the story in themselves. It is simply a slow-paced book, I think. I have not read it through just yet, so I am very excited to see where it all ends. I can tell the story is building up for something revealing - it drops hints now and then, and more so lately.

Here is my teaser - albeit it is a little late (I did not quite make it for it being a Sunday teaser this time):
"After the first book, she needed me less and less. She had created the template and she spun Luke Hayseed off in a direction of her own, taking him away from me (taking me away from me) and creating the likeness of a boy who would stride manfully up the path to the Darkwood. He would always be eager to return to his quest to find Mr Toppit, to flush him out, even though - as Luke knew to his cost - Mr Toppit could be cruel and capricious, and never really did, despite the last sentence of the book, reveal himself, and even though the Darkwood, every leaf and branch and stone of which Mr T inhabited, was a dank, terrifying place. 
You wouldn't have caught me dead doing that."
Mr Toppit, p. 6

Mr Toppit by Charles Elton

I trust you all had a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Denne smakebiten var veldig interessant syntes jeg, og jeg kan godt forstå hvorfor sitatet fikk deg til å kjøpe boken. Jeg tror jeg hadde latt meg friste selv.

    Tusen takk for smakebiten! Kom gjerne innom søndagens innlegg og gi en liten stemme til den av smakebitene du har besøkt som du likte best.

    1. Så gøy at du fant den interessant! Det var en vanskelig bok å finne sitat fra, syntes jeg - måtte bla litt da ingen enkeltsetninger stod ut.

      Ja, det må jeg huske! :)


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