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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Close to the perfect holiday

A little while back we jumped on a plane to the Caribbean. We had no plans, no thoughts as to where to go - apart from the date on the return ticket. What a joy! We roamed about around the British Virgin Islands - and visited 7 different islands in the area. We absolutely loved a few of them - they were so tranquil, so beautiful and in general amazing places to spend some time!

Needless to say: I brought books! And a hammock. You do not need much to make some pretty perfect days on the beach 

A book I found down there:
A Trip to the Beach 
Melinda and Robert Blanchard

Another book from the amazing "Black Jewels"-series!

Luxurious days!


"Bright Young Things"
Scarlett Thomas

I really have to plan another trip - perhaps to a different part of the Caribbean this time. Although I must say that I will have to drop by "Ivan's Stress Free Bar & Campground" on Jost van Dyke - that place was the closest thing to paradise we found 

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