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Sunday, 28 October 2012

More than one teaser from "The Dragon Book"!

So, I have been reading The Dragon Book these last few days. It contains several short stories written by different modern fantasists - some famous, some lesser known. The book is edited by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois.

The stories vary a lot. Some tell of ancient dragons, some of newly hatched ones. You will encounter evil dragons that prey on mankind - and also wise dragons that count humans as friends. Some of the dragons even coexist with our modern world - living in disguise amongst us. Dragons are all strength, fire and magic - and many of them are truly beautiful. Some are simply as mischievous as you can get it. Everyone of them leaves you with the impression of a magnificent creature that demands and deserves your utter respect. You will do wise to tread carefully. And perhaps to keep an eye on the sky...

" So anyway - I wanted to know everything about 'em, growing up. Asked everybody in my village what they knew about dragons. Nobody knew much. Used to watch the dragons dive in the river for fish. Found out the sorts of things they like to eat when they can't get fish, found out what they physic themselves with when they're ill, that sort of thing.
   And then, one time, I followed one back to the cliffs where it nested and climbed up there to have a look, and that was when I found its hoard. All this gold! Nobody in my village had any, you can be sure. I reached in and grabbed this goblet with rubies on it - got my arm bitten pretty badly too - and carried it home. "
Are you afflicted with Dragons? by Kage Baker

" The dragon sniffled, but it lifted its head again to regard him in some wonder. Surprisingly severe, it said, "You are a witness to the rarest sight in the world - a dragon in tears - and all you can say is don't do that? I don't get you people at all." But it did stop crying; it even made a sound like rustling ashes, which Guerra thought might be a chuckle. It said, "Or did I embarrass you, Mike-O?"
 Oakland Dragon Blues by Peter S. Beagle

" At that, he gave off a burst of furious heat and exhaled a stream of green fire. She dodged him and ran toward the crevice.
   One huge forepaw came down directly in front of her. When she wheeled, his other paw came down, fencing her in.
   "You can't leave!"
   She put her hands over her ears, the roar shaking her whole body. The ground trembled under her. He was lying down, curled around her. She lowered her hands. He was calm again, but his great scaled bulk surrounded her. Only a few feet away, the enormous eye shut and opened again. "Tell me a story." "
Dragon's Deep by Cecelia Holland


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  1. Sounds cute and interesting...thanks for your teaser.

    My teaser is listed below.

    Silver's Reviews

    1. It is! I really enjoy reading the thoughts from so many different authors in one book - I am amazed at how different their stories go. I wonder which one will be my favourite in the end - if I manage to choose just one, that is ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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