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Friday, 12 October 2012

My new app!

Oh my - do I love my new IPad! My cousin showed me an absolutely brilliant new app which I downloaded last week. The app is called "My Library" and you can scan the barcodes of books with it to make a vertual register of all the books in your library. Different statuses also mean that you can add books you want, have borrowed or lent out. Did I mention it is brilliant?! Lately I have bought so many books, looked at so many books and thought about so many books that I quite easily forget which ones I actually have back home. Sometimes I find myself standing in the book store with a book or two in my hand, wondering if I did get them that other day I was thinking about getting them or not. You see my predicament?

Well, now all that is soon to be solved once and for all. I am currently scanning or manually entering all my books - which, by the way, I can promise you takes a small eternity. I knew I had a lot of books, but...seriously. Sigh. It will all be worth while in the end, though. I cannot wait to finally have a proper "card index" of my library (although digital) with me at all times.

Next time I am unsure about a book I can simply look it up - what a treat that will be!
My new app in action - flipping through the books!

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