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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Tuesday teaser (in lack of a Sunday one...)

I was stuck with no internet the entire weekend, which meant I could not give you my teaser then. Hopefully you will still enjoy it today - although there is a lack of the nice, cosy Sunday breakfast-feel to it, I admit...!

This book caught my interest due to its name, The Stone Book Quartet. The title intrigued me enough to pick it up and read it to figure out the source of the naming. The language is beautiful - and often coloured by a local dialect. It is indeed quite a lyrical book which left me wanting for more. Perhaps I should see what else Alan Garner has to offer?

The memories/stories captured within these pages are truly charming. The four stories all tell of a single day in four childrens lives. A day that changed them. A day that helped them shape their own wants and hopes for the future. I was quite surprised of the picture these four days drew when put into a sequense. A delightful surprise, I might add, that found me flipping back to earlier pages. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised, too.

I think I liked the first story the most out of the four. Perhaps due to the warm feel to the story - the lightheartedness - or perhaps because I liked that secret the best. The teaser comes from this story, called The Stone Book.

Do tell me which one you favoured if you read the book - I am most curious to know.

Here is my teaser:

" 'Who-whoop! Wo-whoop! Wo-o-o-o!' 
   Mary laughed. The wind blew on the spire and made the weathercock seem alive. The feathers of its tail were a marvel. 
   Father twisted the spike with his hands against the wind, and the spike moved in its greased socket, shaking a bit, juddering, but firm. To Mary the weathercock was waking. The world turned. Her bonnet fell off and hung by its ribbon, and the wind filled her hair. 
   'Faster! Faster!' she shouted. 'I'm not frit!' She banged her heels on the golden sides, and the weathercock boomed. "
The Stone Book in The Stone Book Quartet, p. 11

The Stone Book Quartet by Alan Garner

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