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Monday, 1 April 2013


I was in the sky today, flying with silver wings.

As we flew I was reading about some very other silver wings - and a girl who loved the sky so much she changed the world. Maris, as she is called, changed tradition just so she could keep her silver wings and continue to soar the skies. It would be remarkable, would it not? To strap birdlike wings to your back and your arms, throw yourself off into the air - and fly? Twisting and turning, diving and looping - playing just the way birds up in the sky do. That joyful flight without a care in the world?

"The winds embracing you like a lover" is the way the girl described it. She felt her home was up there, with the sea and its waves below her, the stormwinds carrying her, the sun catching on her silver wings and the freedom of it all. A precious freedom in a world made of islands only, islands separated due to rough seas and treacherous calms.

The teaser today is from "Windhaven", written by George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle.
"The morning was pale and quiet, the wind steady behind her. She rode it, letting it take her where it would; all directions were the same to her. She wanted only to fly, to feel the touch of the wind, to forget all the petty troubles below in the cold, clean air of the upper sky."
Windhaven, p. 177

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