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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I have been browsing again...

...this time in airports! See, when there is still a little while before my flights are due, and there are bookshops around...well, I simply cannot resist! I am terrible, I know. It is a wonder my handbag has survived this long considering the heavy loads it has carried, really. 

This time I browsed my way through two airports - Oslo and Edinburgh. I am rather excited about the resulting finds! Now, my only minor problem is choosing which one to read first... 

Oh, by the way - did you see my new bookmark?? The Spoon Man made it from an actual teaspoon! Cute, right?


  1. Kjenner til problemet, hehe ;) Og det bokmerket var kjempesøtt da :)

    1. Et nokså kronisk problem, ja ;) Vet du, skulle nesten ha kjøpt noen til - de skjeene utgjør jo flotte gaver!


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