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Saturday, 1 September 2012

My ship is filled with...books

Obviously, I never go anywhere without a book if I can help it. So on today's boattrip it was mandatory - who knows where we might end up with time to spare, right?! Besides, it is really nice sitting in a boat, reading a book and fishing at the same time. Did not catch any fish, though, but, nevertheless, it was a great trip.

We stopped at this tiny island to bbq and swim when the sun was at its highest. It was my first swim this summer - which is, when you think about it, actually shocking! I mean, it is almost autumn - I should be tired of swimming by now, not just starting...! It was cold, if anyone wonders. Refreshing and fun, too. My boyfriend promptly refused getting into the water with me. He was really impressed by my ability to stay out there in water he announced way too cold to enter. I was quite glad the sun was as warm as it was and that I dried up pretty quickly, though. I have to confess that much.

The little bay we found was absolutely perfect. Apart from a couple of sheep we were completely alone. A couple of the lambs were pretty curious and came up to us to have a closer look from time to time. When they got a bit too interested in our snacks and - yep - my book (!), we had to chase them off. Imagine what they could have done to my book! Probably chewed it to pieces...

When it got cloudy it was time to head back home. A bit sad, really. I cannot wait till the next time the weather is just as nice - we will definitely be going back to that island.

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