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Monday, 17 September 2012

Walking in Pimlico - a murderous teaser

So, tonight my teaser is about a murder. A Victorian murder, in fact:

" But Bessie is scared also, backing away from me across the yard, stumbling over the rough stones as her legs buckle beneath her. 
Watching her fall, and rise, and fall again and, knowing the moment is mine, I am suddenly calm. 
The searing rage burns cold now, sits in my belly like a tight fist, and I take my time to stride over to her, enjoying the flood of composure. I possess the yard, even the foul red bricks with their greasy skin. 
I cover the ground, striking double time with my heels, and stand over her in moments. "
"Walking in Pimlico" by Ann Featherstone

I quite enjoyed this novel. I like the way Ann Featherstone writes the story from different views; she has made the characters each a voice of their own, complete with specific slang words and phrasing, which works really well. The descriptions and glimpses of the theatrical and entertainment world of the era has an unnerving feel of reality to them, and I cannot help myself but think that I am quite lucky to never have seen it firsthand. All in all, it is a compelling read.

The rage and the coldness of the murderer is quite outstanding, by the way. It really gave me the chills.

"Mind your eye, Corney!" as Lucy says...

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