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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Every day has a special moment

I have been writing a diary for about a year now. It is one of those "five-years-in-one-book"-diaries. You know, those with only 4 lines to fill in every day? The idea was that I might actually manage this one... You see, whenever I have attempted to keep a diary in the past the diary has out-grown me. Literally. I can easily write 4 pages each day - which is impossible to keep up over time. I simply get tired of writing as it is too time-consuming. So far this kind of a diary has been working out well (apart from a missed day here and there, that is). I must confess that it is tremendous fun to be able to look back on days and see what I did or thought the same day last year. I imagine it will be even more fun when I have several years to look back at! 

Anyhow, you can write a diary in different ways. One idea I particularly like is to each day write down the happiest/best moment of that day. What a wonderful thing to have and enjoy in the years to come! Perhaps I should give this a proper try one day...

I can share my happiest moment today with you (to give you an example):
My boyfriend and I visited my gran (who has been sick this weekend) today. We made her dinner and brought a flower and some snacks - she has not eaten properly in three days. As I showed her the flower she gave me a long hug and told me how much she loved and appreciated us - and she thanked us so much for being there and looking after her. I feel ever so lucky for being able to do just that, so this made the top of my list for today's happy moments 

A magical moment a few weeks ago.
What was your happiest moment today?

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