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Monday, 18 June 2012

My Library

“It’s my favourite! Far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise...” - Belle

There is something about libraries. When I first saw our house I instantly knew where my library would be. That room! So, after moving in - first thing first - the shelves to my new library was bought and set up. It took a day or two until everything was set, but then I could start figuring out where to put which book. A pure delight! I spent hours in that room pondering where I wanted fantasy, kidlit, novels, school books, encyclopedias and so on. Of course, after three years most of them have been moved (and moved yet again) due to lack of space (I swear books grow - three years ago there was plenty of space in there...!). One exception, though - my fantasy books. They are still on the shelves I first put them, perhaps because fantasy is my favourite genre and so got the prime place in the room from the very beginning.

Every library needs a place to sit down, and I had the perfect object. I inherited my great grandparents old bed some years ago. It has this old, worn look that comes with old age - and it has history. My gran tells stories of how her and her siblings in the early 1920's sat on it pretending to be hens and jumping around flapping their hands as wings! This was way before television or internet, mind you. She is 95 years old now. She was so excited to see the bed get a new home - that someone actually still wants to keep it. I fitted it with a new mattress and plenty of cushions so it is soft and cozy, and it is now a perfect little hideaway

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