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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Miss Marple

Geraldine McEwan as "Miss Marple"
I watched an episode of "Miss Marple" last night. I am a devoted fan of Agatha Christie's stories - whether in written or in dramatized form - and with a cup of tea my evening was all set. There is something so utterly cozy about Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot (despite the genre, I mean) that I can watch the television episodes and read the books over and over again. I never grow tired of them - they are funny and ingenious at the same time. There are other characters in her books as well, but Poirot and Marple are the most famous ones and the only ones I have seen dramatized. At least so far - one can always hope.

"The Moving Finger" 
I have collected a certain edition of Christie's books for years. So far I have about 70-something of them - this book included. I am quite lucky if I come across one I do not already have in my collection at this point. Now, there is nothing special about  this edition apart from it being the series my mum had a few copies of, and which I therefore grew up with. Sentimental memories, I guess. At some point during my teenage years, her books got confused with mine and ended up in my library. Quite mysteriously so... That is what set my collection off in the first place. Nowadays, she borrows the books from me or buys new copies from secondhand bookstores. Yes, I do know I have a kind mum. She even texts me before an episode starts to make sure I have not forgotten it! She still loves watching them, too. Certain things will always remain fun.

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