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Thursday, 21 June 2012

The perfect place

When you just cannot wait to open a book...
Some places are simply destined for a good read. They speak to you - enchanten you to pick up a book and sit down. Whether on a pebbly beach, in the middle of a meadow, on top of a roof or in a window with a view - you really ought to give in to those whispers if you have the slightest chance. Such a place can give you a wonderful pause in time. Ordinary life disappears for a while and you enter a world of magic adventures and fantastic stories - with faeries, foreign kingdoms, princes and princesses, ghosts, journeys, laughter, love, mysteries, speaking animals, epic battles, friendship, monsters, pirates, cities, detectives and so much more. All depending on the story you have chosen to bring with you.


Amazing pictures by Duane Bryers

A precious moment in The John Rylands Library in Manchester
Photograph by Audun Nygaard

 A girl reading in The John Rylands Library

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