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Monday, 30 July 2012

A dictionary

A friend of mine shared this picture a few days ago. I have never heard this saying before, but it is so true! I also love the bits and pieces in the picture. Such an adorable "still-life" collection.


Now, quite a different thing which strikes me as funny, is the book behind the tidbits...namely a dictionary! I love dictionaries and I have a lot of them. Old, new, different topics and languages... I like them all. I am a bit of a lexophile, you may say. I love crosswords and scrabble and similar games. One of my favourite activities is solving crosswords with my gran or my mum. I love hearing the surprise in my gran's voice when I find a word she has not yet found, or the little smile of satisfaction when she solves a particularly troublesome word. Even seeing her struggle with her huge crossword dictionary, which we got her some time ago, is a treat. It is almost too heavy for her, but she loves the book dearly. She is still mesmerized by all the words she can find in it which she has never heard of before! Being 95 and all, she has heard quite a few. I only wish I will be capable of such feats when I get old. I have all these memories of her solving crosswords from when I was a little girl, and the singular most forthcoming impression in all of them is peace. Peaceful moments spent together, creating happiness and a sense of achievement. I remember stocking up on crosswords when the holidays were over, as inspired as only a little girl can be, but it was never quite the same without my gran to help me. Luckily, my mum shares the same passion for it, although she does not always find the time on a regular basis. That is all right, though, as I am certain she will at one point.

To have the two of them as my rolemodels has shaped my life - and made it a better one at that. I owe them everything ♥ 

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