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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

This is me

My mum took this picture a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting on the floor of my library, showing her a new children's book I had found, when she all of a sudden jumped up, told me to stay put - and ran off! No need to say I got quite puzzled. In a couple of moments she returned with my new IPad, wanting to take my picture. She said this posture was so typically me. Me in my beloved library, showing off books - in my right element, so to speak. I must say I am quite pleased with the outcome. The picture turned out well. You can even get a few hints of my collection! The shelves behind me are mostly reserved for crime and children. The book I am holding is called "The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast" and is written by William Plomer and Alan Aldridge. It is entirely in rhyme. It is really funny.

I love showing my new finds to my mum!

I also thought I would add a picture of me and my love - this patient and wonderful man who just about manages to live with me and all my books. I can assure you, it is no easy task! My books are about to outgrow the library, so I am currently trying to find a solution to that. One that still allows him some space in the house...

Still having fun together

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