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Sunday, 15 July 2012

A winding staircase...

In my perfect library there is a staircase. Like some winding or spiraling stairs up to a gallery. How lovely that would be! Downstairs there would be a fireplace on one wall or in a corner. In front of it there would be two antique wing chairs (a bit like the one Sherlock Holmes has) with big seats one can curl ones legs up in, and a table for bigger books or some snacks. The table should preferably be round and worn. All walls should have bookcases fitted on them. The shelves would have some areas assigned for paintings and pictures, all my bits and pieces would be displayed amongst the books and there would have to be several windows to let the light in. In another corner there could be a pretty desk with all my scientific books surrounding it for easy access. Up those winding stairs one could find a perfect place to curl up and read a book for kids or to enjoy the view of the garden outside. Imagine sitting downstairs an evening, reading in front of a sparkling fireplace, with kids looking down from up on the gallery where they have made a little den for themselves? Pure bliss.  

I found some rather fantastic examples of such a staircase:

Imagine having an entire tree inside your home! It does look fantastic.

I love the simplicity of these. Reminds me of  a spine.

Looking down these can easily mind-boggle you!

These look perfect for my idea of a library. I love the narrowness and the contrast between the firmness of the steps and the slimness of the handrail. I also like that they are made of wood. I have to keep these in mind...

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