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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cosy, right?

This is how I enjoyed last week: A burning fire, a rocking chair, the summer book of my choice ("One Day" by David Nicholls - which I so far love, by the way) and a glass of banana liqueur (yes, I do actually drink the stuff..).

Does anything more cosy or comfy come to your mind?
My gran, my mum and I spent a few days in my gran's old cabin which is where the picture is taken. Now, would you believe the cabin is over a hundred years old?! Imagine all the stories that has taken place within these four walls - it may very well blow your mind.

I love this cabin dearly - this is where my childhood summer vacations took place. I remember sleeping in the attic listening to the rain drumming on the tin roof, watching the goings-on downstairs in the living room in the mornings before climbing down and sitting outside on the rocks in the sun. The cabin is built on top of a cliff overlooking the sea, so the view is absolutely fantastic. My gran can sit outside on a chair propped up against the wall for hours with her coffee cup. This is her "home" - it is the place she cherishes above all others. She turns into a young girl as soon as she sees the familiar surroundings when you drive towards the cabin - which is impressive considering her age of 95. Its all "oh, this is where we drove our horse and wagon to visit my grans" or "that is where we cut grass and hung it up on the haydrying racks". She has so much to tell of times gone by - things that are almost forgotten nowadays. Tools they used look almost alien to me. The places they ran barefoot are now hidden beneath full-grown trees. The people she tells about are black and white pictures in old frames. Little bits of our ancestry and history lost. No wonder I love listening to her and try to remember as much as possible!

There is something so calming about this old cabin and all the things inside it, though. It is a place to slow down. To recover. To enjoy life. And, needless to say - it is perfect for bringing a book or two!

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