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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bookshelves - not only for books

Found a couple of cute pictures of bookshelves I had to share with you.

In my own bookshelves I try to keep a little space for small bits and pieces I care about which do not fit into the rest of the house. Odd things like small memories from our childhoods, gifts from friends and family, minerals and fossils, antiques, travel memorabilia and so on and so forth. It is always fun walking around snooping in amongst the books - as happy things trigger happy memories.

One of my friends uses her bookshelves for fabrics, though! She loves making clothes for her little kids, so she has a huge amount of different fabrics in her home. They are brightly coloured with funny prints and really do make her bookshelf look so much fun! A terrific idea.
So many wonderful colours!
Birkis' bookshelf 
I would like to have something like this - a bit of an eclectic collection. Perhaps my shelves will look like this one day...
How lovely and intriguing!
The Selby

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